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Online Bingo Reviews

Archive for May, 2012


Play the free online bingo

Undoubtedly, over the ages, bingo has been a popular game among the masses. Not only the simplicity of this game, but the price money that can be won – is also a prime factor. Unlike the bingo games played in casinos previously, now days, you can even play these online at the comfort of your home. Yes, Online Bingo has arrived! Read more »

Playing bingo for a fortune

The appellation bingo affluence can beggarly altered things to altered people. My grandmother was blessed if she won a cycle of nickels at her bingo game. Of advance my grandmother, who has played bingo already a anniversary every anniversary back she was 18, and has apparently apparent about all 1,474,200 accessible bingo cards, never bets added than one dollar. Read more »

What made bingo popular

To refresh you memory upon the how the story began I will remind you that concomitant Bingo is a straight son of Italian Lotteries, played as long as in 1530s. Long after it was brought to the US from Germany in a codify of plan played with the steal of carton cards and beans. It was called Beano in requital for that reason. Read more »

UK residents are Bongo for Bingo

If you’re up for a laugh, searching for a bit of harmless escapism and also the possibility to win money on the internet, then on the internet bingo is certainly the game for you. It is frivolous, fun and thrilling and some sites even have excellent little features like live chat so you can nevertheless socialise with the other players… Maybe even meet somebody special! Read more »

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