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Online Bingo Reviews

Archive for November, 2012


An eventful afternoon

Well I’ve had fun playing online bingo today – joined Metro Bingo, deposited £10, maxed out on the cards as well as playing the slots and won myself £14 in a matter of minutes. Their mini slot game is also a great game – have won quite a bit through mini slots before but this time I won £3 on it on the first go (15p per max spin). Yay! This one is for playing during my lunch break though as the chat room is quite bouncy and fun, and eating my salad while playing at chatting to the girls and guys in there would be a treat (as well as winning). Read more »

Play Bingo Online

Players have to pay special attention to the numbers called. A screen shows the number called. The person who makes the desired pattern invites online bingo. Online game site check his model and compared to the called number. If the configuration is correct, the winner. If more than one person gets the winning model, the share premium. Read more »

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