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Archive for April, 2013


Omaha Poker

Omaha PokerIn poker, Texas Hold’em is the preflop bluff a very good way to earn money. The situation is in poker Omaha Hold’em is quite different, because here in the section just played a lot more hands than in Texas Hold’em poker. This ensures that they have a relatively small chance to make a bluff to fold her teammates, and this is true both in live poker as also for online poker. So they get used to playing poker omaha bluff preflop from the rather, because they are so only lose money instead of winning that. When texas hold’em can confidently bluff preflop, because there simply fewer hands are played. Read more »

What they have to consider when moving from live poker to online poker

What they have to consider when moving from live poker to online pokerOn the one hand, the change from live poker to online poker is of course a tremendous time saver, because they no longer have to drive an extra to the next casino to play poker. Instead, they simply need their home to enable Texas Hold Em poker software and can start immediately. The whole, however, goes one step further: the fact that they do not have to wait for the dealer until he has every time been dealt the cards and mixed them in turn save time. This is also that through the exchange of live poker to online poker can play multiple tables at once. Them is so boring when switching from live poker to online poker not be determined! But there are also disadvantages when changing from live poker to online poker, the players are on the internet, unfortunately, significantly better than the casino. Read more »

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