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Online Bingo Reviews

Archive for October, 2013


Bingo Etiquette

The very necessary part of online etiquette is Respect. It’s obligatory to respect the decision of CL’s by online bingo players.

It should be considered by them that the participators are from different phase of life and they should respect each other all the times. Players are restricted to make any ethnic, sexual or racial slurs according to online bingo etiquette. Read more »

LittleBig Bingo

Up and down the country there are many land based bingo halls from the big bingo companies like Gala Bingo and the little bingo clubs like Top Ten Bingo and Castle Bingo.

Not dissimilar to online bingo sites, each boasts their own benefits. The big bingo halls are able to offer their players bigger jackpot prizes whilst the little bingo halls offer smaller prizes bu

Read more »

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